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The “Understanding Serial ATA” course provides students with a comprehensive insight into the operation of the Serial ATA interface. The class examines the evolution of ATA, summarises the operation of the parallel ATA interface and then explores in detail the operation of Serial ATA at all architectural levels. Serial ATA II Extensions are also thoroughly discussed. The class concludes with a study of new application areas in which Serial ATA will be deployed. Protocol analyser traces are used as an aid to understanding.

Course Outline (click for details)

  • Introduction
  • ATA Standards and Architecture
  • ATA Technical Overview
  • Serial ATA Technical Overview
  • Physical Layer
  • Link Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Device Command Layer Protocol
  • Error Handling
  • Serial ATA II Extensions
  • Serial ATA in the Enterprise
  • Future enhancements to Serial ATA
Who Should Attend
This in-depth technical class is targeted towards engineers involved in the design, development, integration, deployment and maintenance of Serial ATA storage devices and systems.
Day 1 of the class may be taken by those requiring a broad understanding of Serial ATA technology with less technical depth; this includes technical managers, IT managers and staff, technical writers, technical sales and marketing staff.
Prerequisites: Some familiarity with computing and storage concepts.
Course Length: 2 days Download course description (printable version)