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This three day intensive seminar provides a comprehensive, in-depth introduction to what is rapidly emerging as the next generation of high-performance computer system I/O interface. Featuring gigabit data rates, distance capabilities of kilometers, and ability to interconnect thousands of devices, Fibre Channel is currently being deployed in disk arrays, servers, peripherals and forms the vital infrastructure of Storage Area Networks (SAN).

Course Outline (click for details)

  • Introduction, Concepts & Terminology
  • FC-0: Physical Interface
  • FC-1: Data Link Control
  • FC-2: Transport Protocol
  • FC-3: Fibre Channel Services
  • FC-4: Protocol Mappings
  • Topologies
  • Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL)
  • Switched Fabric
Who Should Attend
This seminar is targeted towards developers, integrators, managers and others with a need for a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of the Fibre Channel technology.
Prerequisites: An appreciation of current computer interfaces or networks is desirable, although not absolutely necessary.
Course Length: 3 days Download course description (printable version)